Free Download GeneratePress Premium v2.2.2 GPL Theme

Download Free GeneratePress Premium Theme (GP Premium): GeneratePress Premium is one of the most popular multi-purpose free WordPress themes, especially for those who work on multiple niche sites or those professionals who build websites for their clients. A pro version of the GeneratePress theme is also available; it is known as GP Premium or GeneratePress Premium.

Actually, GP Premium is a plugin for the GeneratePress theme that takes your site to the next level by adding premium module support. You can easily create a nice layout for any niche website using the GeneratePress Premium theme.

All popular online page builders are also compatible with the GeneratePress Premium theme. You can customise every single section of this theme, from appearance settings on, according to your needs. It gives you full control of layout, colors, typography, navigation, spacing (padding and margin), copyright message, and lots of other things.

If you don’t want to spend time customizing, GP Premium allows you to import up to 25+ pre-built layouts from your WordPress dashboard with a single click. Most webmasters and bloggers love this theme because of its excellent performance and fast loading speed. Overall, the GeneratePress Premium theme is an all-in-one theme for all niches, from a business site to a personal blog.

Features of the GeneratePress Premium WordPress Theme

  • Responsive design
  • lightweight and clean codes
  • Recommended for client projects
  • rapid loading time
  • focused on performance
  • highly secure and stable.
  • No render-blocking issues
  • optimised for search engine bots
  • Schema markup
  • 25+ ready-to-use website templates
  • 60+ colour options
  • Beautiful typography options
  • WooCommerce support
  • Sticky navigation menu
  • Padding and margin settings
  • Infinite scroll
  • Featured image support with custom settings
  • secondary navigation menus with all of the same options as the primary navigation.
  • Six layout options
  • Seven post formats are supported: standard, aside, image, video, quote, link, and status.
  • Custom hooks and headers
  • allows you to deactivate modules that you don’t need.
  • Real-time customization options
  • dynamic page heroes
  • an advanced hook system
  • custom theme layouts.
  • Add more color, typography, and layout options to your WooCommerce store.
  • off-canvas navigation, mobile header, and more!
  • Control the sizes, padding, and margins of your site elements.
  • Featured image controls, columns & masonry, infinite scroll, and more
  • Add background images and options throughout your site’s elements.
  • Our own tiny page builder Break out of the content area with sections.
  • Turn off various theme elements on specific pages throughout your site.
  • Replace the copyright message at the bottom of your site.
  • Import and export your theme options with only a couple of clicks.

GeneratePress Premium v2.2.2 (GP Premium) Live Demo/Preview 

GeneratePress Premium v2.2.2 (GP Premium)
Free Download GeneratePress Premium v2.2.2 GPL Theme

What’s New in GeneratePress Premium v2.2.2 (Changelog)

  • Fix: Add value to the off-canvas aria-hidden attribute
  • Tweak: On toggle, remove or add aria-hidden to off-canvas.
  • Feature: Allow block element autosave
  • Feature: Add revisions to block elements.
  • Added: Loop Template block element
  • Feature: Don’t display the raw licence key in the Dashboard.
  • Feature: Add “Paginated Results” to Element Display Rules
  • Element post navigation template has been fixed.PHP warning when not using GB Pro
  • Fix: Remove unnecessary zoom CSS from featured images.
  • Fix: Font icon CSS order
  • Fix: The Load More button appears in the product tax archives.
  • Fix: Prevent tabbed navigation in hidden off-canvas panels.
  • Fix: Hide hidden off-canvas panels from screen readers.
  • Fix: menu-toggle aria-controls when using an off-canvas panel
  • Fix: Focus the first focusable element when opening an off-canvas panel.
  • Fix: Focus slideout toggle when closing the off-canvas panel
  • Fix: Off-Canvas Panel sub-menu (A11Y)
  • Fixed: Prevent secondary nav legacy typography CSS
  • Fix: Fix the dynamic term meta link.
  • Fix: Block margins in the block element editor
  • Fix: Embeds in Block Elements
  • Fix: Apply display rules to the editor with no ID.
  • Fix: Navigation background image applied to secondary navigation
  • Fix: WooCommerce order received page float issue.
  • Fix: Block element editor error in GenerateBlocks 1.7
  • Tweak: Remove jquery-migrate from the sticky script.
  • Tweak: Add a message in the blog section about loop templates.

Premium GeneratePress Theme Modules

  • Site Library: Importable demo sites to give you a head start on your website
  • Colors: Take control of your site’s colours using over 60 colour options.
  • Typography: Over 70+ typography options give you complete control over your site text.
  • Element: dynamic page heroes, an advanced hook system, and custom theme layouts.
  • WooCommerce: Add more color, typography, and layout options for WooCommerce stores.
  • Menu Plus: sticky navigation, off-canvas navigation, mobile header, and more!
  • Spacing: Control the sizes, padding, and margins of your site elements.
  • Blog: Featured image controls, columns, masonry, infinite scroll, and more
  • Secondary Navigation: Add a second navigation with all the same options as the primary navigation.
  • Backgrounds: There are background image options throughout the site’s elements.
  • Sections: Our personal page builder Break out of the content area with sections.
  • Disable elements—You can turn off various theme elements on specific pages throughout your site.
  • Copyright: Add or replace the copyright message at the bottom of your site.
  • With a few clicks, you can import and export your theme options.

Free Download GeneratePress Premium v2.2.2 (GP Premium)

The free GeneratePress Premium GPL download link is provided below. The GP Premium file is not cracked or nulled. It’s safe to use.

Note – Use Coupon Code “G6MNUXDV” for GeneratePress Premium v2.2.2 Free Download

Important: Upload or install GP Premium as a plugin, not as a theme. First, add the GeneratePress free theme that’s required to activate the GP Premium plugin. This plugin will automatically convert the GeneratePress theme’s free version into the premium version.

Download GeneratePress v3.2.4 (Free Version): A Responsive WordPress Theme

Installing GeneratePress is super easy. First, login to your WordPress dashboard. Next, go to “Appearance > Themes” in the menu on the left. Near the top, you’ll see an “Add New” button; click that button. In the “Search themes” bar, type “GeneratePress,” and then you’ll see GeneratePress and some of the other themes appear there. Find the GeneratePress theme, click “install,” and then activate it.

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